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Welcome to our blog, dedicated to empowering parents with effective iPhone Parental Controls. On this blog, you can expect to find comprehensive guides on setting up and optimizing parental controls on iPhones, exploring the app’s features and functionalities, understanding the importance of open communication with your child, and nurturing a healthy balance between online and offline activities. Stay tuned for expert tips, real-life success stories, and the latest trends in digital parenting. 

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low key meaning

Low Key Meaning

Discover what “low key” means and why it’s important for parents of teenagers to know this slang. Learn how understanding “low key” can help parents identify potential red flags in their child’s conversations and improve communication with their teenager. Stay up-to-date with the latest slang terms to build a stronger and more trusting relationship with your teen.

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fr meaning

FR Meaning

“FR” is an abbreviation that stands for “for real.” While the term might seem harmless, it’s essential to recognize that slang words and phrases can have hidden meanings or connotations.

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bet meaning

Bet Meaning

“Bet” is a popular slang term among teenagers that parents should be aware of. While it typically means confirmation or agreement, it can also have hidden meanings or be used in inappropriate contexts.

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iirc meaning, parental controls on the iPhone

IIRC Meaning

IIRC stands for “if I remember correctly,” and it is mostly used in online chats and text messages. Despite its seeming innocuousness, parents should be aware of the context in which their kids are using this phrase.

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istg meaning, parent controls on the iphone

ISTG Meaning

A term that is gaining popularity among young people is “ISTG.” The acronym means “I swear to God” and is typically used in text messages, online chats, or even in-person conversations.

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fomo meaning, FOMO stands for "fear of missing out". It refers to the sense of anxiety or unease that arises when you feel like you're not experiencing something that others are. This is usually in reference to social events, but it can also encompass other areas of life, such as career or travel

FOMO Meaning

Interested in the FOMO meaning? It might sound like a silly internet slang word, but it’s important for you to pay attention to this term and how it affects your teens.

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meet the creators

parental controls on the iPhone app creators photo

Damien and Jennifer Anderson are, first and foremost, parents to four beautiful children. 

Jennifer had the idea for the app for parental controls on the iPhone on a weekend getaway for just the two of them. Damien soon got to work building the app. 

Two years later, they are launching an app that they wholly believe will transform relationships with teens and their parents by fostering a level of trust for parents, and privacy for teens. 

Damien is a veteran of the United States Army, serving as a helicopter pilot. After the Army, Damien has continued to fly helicopters for various organizations in different industries while also graduating Salutatorian from Full Sail University with a Bachelors in Mobile Development.

Jennifer is the creative idea person, and an entrepreneur in heart and soul. Jennifer has successfully built a full service luxury photography studio in Chattanooga. The studio specifically serves women, focusing on giving women permission to love themselves. Jennifer enjoys the marketing and design process and has been excited to bring her knowledge to the new app.

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