parental controls on the iphone

The Future of Keeping Your Kids Safe on their Devices

Easily know they are safe without invading their privacy.

parental controls on the iPhone

Our Focus

Our focus at MyTrybe is to foster a trusting relationship for parents and their teens with parental controls on the iPhone.


Parents don’t have to read all of their teens messages and fiddle with all their logins or spam accounts. No matter what app teens are using, parents know they’re safe.


Teens don’t have to worry about parents reading all of their messages with their friends and significant others. Teens don’t have to hide spam accounts to keep parents from reading messages and maintain privacy.

Our Why

The American Family is under attack. Everything from our privacy to our civil liberties are being threatened. In addition, the nuclear family is being challenged in unprecedented ways. However, for millions of Americans the family unit and strong family values supersedes the new woke culture. 

There are over 48 million children aged 6-17 year olds in America. Today, 19% of 8 year olds have a cell phone and 95% of all teens have a smart phone. Moreover, over 20 million teens have iPhones which serves as the base platform for our solution.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, in 2021, 43% of teens were victims of cyber-bullying. That represents a 26% increase over 2019. In addition, the recent pandemic has put tremendous social pressure on our teens.

Recent data shows a 51% increase in suicide attempts for this demographic. An even more telling statistic is that only 11% of kids suffering from cyber-bullying felt comfortable enough to talk to their parents.

Enter My Trybe. Through our advanced cyber security processes and algorithms we are able to keep an eye on kids and alert parents of possible child predators, cyber bullies, and possibly bad life choices. We allow parents to have the information they need about their kids online activities without having to invade their children’s privacy.


Our app is only compatible with Apple devices. An android version will be available after the successful launch of the Apple version. 

All the teens devices are easily added to the app allowing easy access to scan data.

parental controls on the iPhone app Home Screen

Parents can see trends and track scanning statistics for your teens.

parental controls on the iPhone app screenshot 1

Parents have the ability to edit and even add custom keywords for scanning.

parental controls on the iPhone app screenshot 2

meet the creators

parental controls on the iPhone app creators photo

Damien and Jennifer Anderson are, first and foremost, parents to four beautiful children. 

Jennifer had the idea for the app for parental controls on the iPhone on a weekend getaway for just the two of them. Damien soon got to work building the app. 

Two years later, they are launching an app that they wholly believe will transform relationships with teens and their parents by fostering a level of trust for parents, and privacy for teens. 

Damien is a veteran of the United States Army, serving as a helicopter pilot. After the Army, Damien has continued to fly helicopters for various organizations in different industries while also graduating Salutatorian from Full Sail University with a Bachelors in Mobile Development.

Jennifer is the creative idea person, and an entrepreneur in heart and soul. Jennifer has successfully built a full service luxury photography studio in Chattanooga. The studio specifically serves women, focusing on giving women permission to love themselves. Jennifer enjoys the marketing and design process and has been excited to bring her knowledge to the new app.

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